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About the Archives

The Herald & Review archives contain staff-written and other selected articles from 1989 to the present.

Searching is free and unlimited. Archive access to the Herald-Review is for personal use only and may not be used to provide institutional access to multiple users such as in the case of schools and libraries.  Please contact NewsBank at 1-800-243-7694 to set up an institutional account.

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The results list for your search will display the headline, the publication date, and the estimated word count for the complete article. To view the complete article, you must click on the headline in the results list.

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If you have any technical difficulties, please contact NewsBank by e-mail at newspaperemail@newsbank.com, or the Herald & Review at webmaster@herald-review.com, or by calling the Online Staff at (217) 421-6954 or the H&R Librarian at (217) 421-7964.

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Archives beyond 1989

This online database goes back to 1989. Older archives in editions of the Herald & Review, the Herald and the Review are available on mircofilm only. The Herald & Review offers library research services for a fee. For information, call the H&R Librarian at (217) 421-7964. You can also access these archives at the Decatur Public Library for free.