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We offer a free RSS feed of the headlines from our site that you may include on your computer's desktop. This feed is automatically updated as stories are added to our site, so no maintenance or updating is required on your part to keep the latest news from Central Illinois coming your way.

Notice - Use of the's RSS feed requires compliance with the following terms:

  1. The information gathered by the RSS feed cannot be used to charge fees of any kind for end users or customers at any time.
  2. The RSS links must send end users’ and customers’ Web browsers directly to the
  3. The pages cannot be captured in any type of frame or other method of preventing end users’ or customers’ Web browsers from changing to the actual Web site of the


To add the's news feed to your desktop, follow these steps:

  1. To the right are a few programs that allow you to view RSS feeds on your desktop. You can find more viewers by typing "rss viewer", "rss reader" or "rss aggregator" into a web search.
  2. Once you find a program you like, download it and follow the instructions included with the program. If you need further assistance, please contact the Herald & Review webmaster.


Any time you see a image on our site (or anywhere else for that matter), you may click on that image for the RSS Feed. Simply Copy (ctrl-C) and Paste (ctrl-V) the following links into your RSS reader on your desktop:

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