Remembering 9-11, and honoring all those who have made the Ultimate Sacrifice for our freedom during Memorial Weekend - lots of celebrations, graduations and memories are being made as summer approaches.

Many of you have probably heard or read in the past year about Eric Mueller and Lauren Axe pursuing and obtaining the last steel beam from the New York World Trade Towers. This in itself is quite miraculous with many letters, phone calls and emails exchanged between Lauren and the New York Port Authority.

The Decatur Park Board, with the blessing of its president Bob Brilley and director Bill Clevenger, have so graciously allowed this piece of American history to be strategically placed on a beautiful lake peninsula just east of the Beach House and close to our new outdoor amphitheater, and what an appropriate location for this 9-11 memorial.

I see absolutely no reason why the entire city of Decatur would not step up and truly support this venture for our community. It's a future benefit to our city, with people perhaps from all over the world wanting to see even a portion of this historical monument. A model of the proposed memorial is on display in the Decatur Civic Center entryway.

This request for financial support goes out to everyone. All can and should be involved in this movement to recognize, reflect and remember our history. The completion date for the memorial, for all to never forget the events of 9/11/01, will be 9/11/2017 in a special dedication.

Donations of any size, great or small, are very much appreciated and can be made out and sent to 9-11 Memorial, c/o Lauren Axe, 127 N. Wyckles Road, Decatur IL 62522 and are tax deductible. Thanks, and may God bless America.

Terry A. Mason, Decatur



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