In the Bible, there is a special order in which the Bible is put together. This is very much noticed in the New Testament. The New Testament starts off with events leading up to the birth of Jesus. Then we see his life's work and his death, burial and resurrection.

Then the birth of the church. This happened on the day of Pentecost. In Acts 2:38, Peter preached the first sermon to start the church. This is the only church that the Bible tells us about.

The Church started with 3,000 being baptized in Jesus' name. They received the Holy Ghost speaking in other tongues. Then, later in Acts, ten people went to the household of Cornelius. While he was preaching the Holy ghost fell upon them.

Peter stopped preaching when he heard them speaking in tongues. Then, there was a baptismal service that took place. The book of Acts contains the only plan of salvation.

Men have used the book of Romans to put forth a plan of salvation. There are no examples where it ever was done. You can take a scripture here and another one there and make a doctrine to fit your own desires.

The book of Acts name places and people. The book of Romans does not have any place where it ever happened. Romans is an epistle to the church at Rome. Paul does not put forth a new plan of salvation.

The plan of salvation is still the message Peter preached on the day of Pentecost.

If this is the plan of salvation, where did this get preached to sinners? Where and when was it changed? An who preached it as the plan of salvation?

Romans is a letter to saints to encourage them to live and do better.

Paul S. Mason, Decatur


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