Michael Reagan's article criticizing Stephen Colbert and other late night “comedians” ("Liberals don't have to apologize," May 9) was right on.  

Just last week, I wrote each of the three networks, well-known for their late night shows, complaining about exactly the same thing mentioned. Personal insults, whether directed toward public or private citizens, are not funny. They are insults, not humor, like Reagan said.  

They always made fun of George W. Bush’s occasional language problems and I felt the same way about the way they insulted him. I remember one episode of Jay Leno’s show when Lora Bush was the guest. He asked her if his ongoing comments about her husband ever bothered her and she replied rather emphatically “Yes.” He changed the subject immediately and didn’t respond to her “yes” at all. 

While I admit that I am a conservative, I would be upset with the few insults, if any, they may have directed toward Democrats. Johnny Carson and early talk show hosts were funny, but not the current new breed. Jimmy Kimmel blasted Newt Gingrich with great anger on this week because of recent comments Newt made similar to what Reagan and I are saying.  

So, thanks for the piece blasting the late night “comedians.” At least someone is willing to speak out about bad manners and hateful insults. 

Incidentally, I seldom listen to their shows after they start their insults. I have told the networks I shut them off and go to bed.

Charles Wilhelm, Decatur


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