I am extremely disappointed to hear about the sudden termination of Lynn Dixon as the director of Greenwood Cemetery. I am not from Decatur and I have never lived in Decatur, however both sides of my family were from Decatur for four generations. Many, many of family members are buried in Greenwood Cemetery. 

Lynn Dixon has given Greenwood Cemetery a life, a heart and soul. Lynn has put this beautiful place on the map and the depressed town of Decatur deserves to have that. Lynn has helped me find the graves of some of my family members where the stones were destroyed by vandalism decades ago. He also located the missing baby cemetery, and established programs that are making a positive impact for the town of Decatur. 

I could go on and on and on. Maintaining Greenwood Cemetery as a historical treasure is not just about mowing around the stones and burning the leaves in the fall. You don’t know what you have.

Traveling to Decatur is difficult from Boise, Idaho (no direct flights and a 2 hour drive across the prairie). However, I have been there twice in the past year to specifically visit Greenwood – in fall when the leaves were changing and again on Memorial Day – because of Lynn. 

Greenwood Cemetery is important and it’s up front and personal for me. I had planned to provide a financial endowment to Greenwood Cemetery. However, the decision of the cemetery board to remove Lynn’s position is going to make me change my mind.

Laurie Warren-Petersen, Eagle, Idaho


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