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I thank God that I had both a wonderful Mother and Father to teach me about life as I was growing up. I was raised with morals.

The definition of wife in the Webster’s Dictionary is, married woman! How confused or mixed up our children must be? Are we going to change the dictionary now on the definition of wife? The morals of our country are going to hell!

Whether you believe in God or not, that’s up to you, but please don’t shove this craziness down our children’s throats. They are the future of our country. They need to be taught right from wrong. They are not stupid. They can make their own decisions without passing a law of “same sex marriage.” Abe Lincoln would roll over in his grave if he could see what has happened to the country he worked so hard to “improve.”

What is next, passing a law for prison inmates to marry same sex partners? Enough is enough. Stop the moral decay!

Carol Reiss


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I do not understand how same sex marriages will confuse our children. Consider these situations:
1. Single parent families
2. Two same sex young adults living together as they start their working life and are simply sharing an apartment.
What explanation would you give your children on the above examples?
Would you tell them that a single parent family is better for children when that parent is working and they are at home alone or at a babysitter? Or would that child be better off at home with one of the adults of a same sex marriage who is emotionally connected to that child?
Would you tell your children that the 2 young adults sharing an apartment are somehow different than the same sex married couple?
At what age would a child understand the difference?
And, why would a child care? From the outside looking in, the same sex married couple and the same sex people sharing an apartment look exactly alike.
The world is changing and what was the norm in the past is not that the norm is now.


Ms Reiss said, "They are not stupid. They can make their own decisions without passing a law of “same sex marriage.”

They can also make those decisions if fundamentalist zealots don't get to use government to create an entire category of second-class citizens.

In fact, it would be likely that they'd be able to make better decisions without that sort of hatefulness embodied in law.

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