SPRINGFIELD — A bid to keep Decatur-based Archer Daniels Midland Co. from moving its global headquarters out of Illinois could be voted on as early as Tuesday.

Under a plan that could lead to higher taxes for satellite television subscribers, ADM and two other companies would get tax breaks to expand and bring jobs to the Chicago area.

A vote on the tax incentives for the Central Illinois agribusiness giant has been in limbo for weeks after Gov. Pat Quinn said lawmakers must attack the state’s pension mess before taking on tax sweeteners for corporations.

A vote on pensions could come Tuesday, potentially followed by a vote on the tax incentives, said the sponsor of the legislation.

"If there is time left over, we’ll see what the mood is in the Senate, what the mood is in the House," said state Rep. Mike Zalewski, D-Riverside.

The proposal aimed at keeping ADM from relocating its top brass to another state became bogged down in the legislature earlier this year after critics questioned why taxpayer dollars should be used to help a successful multinational corporation.

Under the latest plan, lawmakers have resurrected discussions of a tax on satellite television companies to create a revenue stream to pay for the incentives.

A year ago, lawmakers also discussed a proposed satellite TV tax that would raise $75 million for schools. The plan, however, never got off the ground amid complaints the tax didn’t also affect the cable TV industry.

In addition to ADM’s desire for tax breaks, the recent merger of Office Max and Office Depot has Naperville in the running to become the combined company’s headquarters.

Both the office supply company and ADM say they want action by the General Assembly soon.

"We need a decision by the end of ‘13 so now is the time," Gregory Webb, ADM vice president for state government relations, told the Lee Enterprises Springfield Bureau on Monday.

ADM wants to move about 200 top executives and support staff to a larger metropolitan area. In exchange for incentives from Illinois, the company would be required to move 100 jobs from other states to Decatur and, over the next five years, commit to adding or filling 100 full-time positions annually in Decatur.

Webb Monday declined to disclose what other cities are courting the grain processor.

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Virgil Caine
Virgil Caine

Hmmmm.......lets pay some tv tax now so that the ADM fatcats can stay in Illinois. NOT. I don't care if they move the whole local operation. We have already far exceeded the law of diminishing returns dealing with ADM and their one sided trades.

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