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Trusted moving companies for Decatur and Macon County people

Professional, qualified movers can safely get your valuables to your new home.

Decatur and Macon County residents: pay off your credit card debt at a furious pace

Residents can compare personal loan offers from multiple lenders and save big on interest.

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3 men could be tried together in Decatur murder case

The three Decatur men charged with shooting to death Demesheo M. Lovelace may end up standing trial together. Read more

Chicago airports expect nearly 2 million holiday travelers

CHICAGO — Nearly 2 million passengers are expected to travel through Chicago's international airports during the Thanksgiving holiday. Read more

Eisenhower's defense creates chaos in season-opening Turkey Tournament win

DECATUR — Eisenhower was on the ropes. Read more

Underwood wants no 'cruising' against Augustana

CHAMPAIGN — The squeak of sneakers and the thump-thump-thump of a basketball could be heard echoing out of the practice gym Tuesday.… Read more

'We all love him': Howard Buffett inducted into Decatur Wall of Fame

Community leaders named Macon County Sheriff Howard G. Buffett as the latest inductee to Decatur’s Wall of Fame on Tuesday, citing support for Decatur that has included tens of millions of dollars in donations in recent years. Read more

Decatur woman with a $1 tries to steal $400 worth of goods, police say

DECATUR -- A Decatur woman with $1 in her pocket was arrested Monday night walking out of a Walmart store with shopping cart stuffed… Read more

Five at 5: Community gathers to give thanks and 4 other stories you should see

Sheriff Howard G. Buffett has been inducted to the Decatur Wall of Fame in a year that has seen his foundation's support for the com… Read more

Decatur community gives thanks for generous, can-do spirit

DECATUR — The generous, can-do spirit of the city was celebrated during the 65th annual Thanksgiving Community Luncheon. Read more

STU ELLIS: Addressing farm financial stress

Farm loan officers at commercial banks are returning to their offices from their fall conference in Omaha, ready or not for the lend… Read more



Enjoy the freedom of living independently in Decatur and Macon County

Easy to wear and easy to use medical alerts save lives every day.


Experts are urging Decatur and Macon County residents to refinance

Residents are urged to refinance at near historically low rates before time is up.

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