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Three generations of Decatur 'Star Wars' fans bond over new film

DECATUR — The legions of fans descending on the latest "Star Wars" film this weekend will include a three-generation family from Dec… Read more

Macon County bomb-sniffing K-9 deputy Kid dies from seizure condition

DECATUR — Kid, a K-9 officer with the Macon County Sheriff’s Office trained in explosive detection, died Thursday from complications… Read more

Jury convicts Demariel Cunningham of rape, torture of Decatur woman

DECATUR — A Decatur man faces the prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars after a Macon County jury on Thursday found … Read more

Decatur police called off search for Springfield shooting suspect

The law enforcement alert that prompted Decatur Police and the Macon County Sheriff's Office to get ready to intercept a suspect veh… Read more

Police: Burglar walks into Decatur restaurant while it's open and steals safe

DECATUR — A brazen burglar walked into a Decatur Mexican restaurant while it was open, grabbed a portable safe from an office, and w… Read more

Illinois goes small, wins big against Longwood

CHAMPAIGN – With the level of competition about to jump a couple notches, Illinois won’t have many more games like the one it breeze… Read more

Macon County home to $12 million in unclaimed cash 💰

More than $12 million in lost cash from Macon County is waiting to be claimed by residents, according to officials at the Illinois State Treasurer's Office. Read more

Toys for Tots, Salvation Army provide thousands of Christmas gifts for Macon County kids

DECATUR — Out of the thousands of toys spread out around the gym of the Salvation Army on Tuesday, Talisha Pillow of Decatur found t… Read more

Cardinals agree to trade for Marcell Ozuna

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Marcell Ozuna is just about your newest former Marlin. Read more


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