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Buffett, in new sheriff role, gives $710,000 for Boys & Girls Club

DECATUR — It’s not every day a sheriff donates $710,000 of his money to build a youth center. But not every sheriff is Howard G. Buffett. Read more

STU ELLIS: Don't make headlines; play it safe on the farm

We are in the middle of National Farm Safety Week, a national observance since 1944, and so far no egregious violations of farm safe… Read more

READiculous Jr. expresses love of reading for older kids

DECATUR — A favorite game of the kids in READiculous Jr. is “scream and die.” Read more

Five at 5: Families attend Senate hearing on Navy crashes and 4 other stories to see

The parents of Harristown sailor Logan Palmer, who died in the USS John S. McCain crash, attended a Senate hearing into the Navy's c… Read more

Three die in Bloomington house fire

BLOOMINGTON — Three people, including two children, died in an early morning fire that police think was intentionally set in a house… Read more

Moran appears in court on sex charges, posts bond

MASON, Mich. — A former substitute teacher and soccer coach at Stockbridge High School  in Michigan was arraigned this morning on ch… Read more

Parents of fallen sailor attend Senate hearing

The parents of a Harristown sailor killed after his ship was struck by an oil tanker in Southeast Asia were in attendance at a U.S. Senate hearing Tuesday in Washington about the incident and other crashes.  Read more

Secretary of state warns of hurricane-related investor scams

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has a word of warning for investors: Recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida will likely prod… Read more

Project Linus volunteers make blankets for hurricane victims

DECATUR — The Project Linus event at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Monday officially began at 9 a.m., but by th… Read more


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