Don Friesen

Comedian Don Friesen will appear on stage Saturday, Oct. 28, in the Decatur Civic Center. 


DECATUR — For the Whip Comedy Show’s latest stand-up comic, Don Friesen, "family-friendly" show means he can make fun of his family.

Friesen will be performing on Saturday, Oct. 28, at the Decatur Civic Center.

His high-energy show weighs in on raising a family incorporating imitations, parodies and anything humorous about domestic life.

“It’s not corny, just appropriate for families,” he said. “It has perspective, and it’s relevant.”

Friesen has performed in theaters, churches and wherever people can laugh at themselves. He has been a comic for more than 20 years. His television appearances include a one-hour special on Showtime, Netflix show “Ask Your Mom,” NBC’s “Last Comic Standing" as well as Comedy Central shows.

“More people know from me from satellite radio,” he said.

His comedy is often heard on radio shows “Laugh USA” and “Blue Collar Radio.” Friesen has also been the opening act for bands such as Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows.

“I just go where they tell me to go,” he said.

Lori Allen, Whip Radio personality, invited Friesen to the area because of his brand of comedy. “It’s about the family,” Allen said. “It is mostly poking fun of himself.”

Much of Friesen’s comedy taunts life around kids, technology and the world around it all. However, Friesen’s shows are personal to the crowd as well.

Much of the show is interacting with the audience, enjoying their stories, too.

“I show up, look around and I ask questions and get as much information as I can,” Friesen said.

As he is putting his act together, Friesen will weave in improvisational comedy using the audience reaction.

“I take in any local references and blend them into the act,” he said. “It gives a personal feel.”

Friesen has performed throughout the country, but he enjoys the Midwestern crowds and their humor.

“I feel like I’m playing for my family,” he said.


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