Volunteer unicorn

Randall Rhoades volunteers during Saturday's Decatur Celebration dressed up in as a unicorn.

Randall Rhoades is an in-house ops volunteer at Celebration. His job is to run errands for the board and vendors. He is often found driving a golf cart through crowds, but his look is different than other volunteers.

“They turn around as if they are going to be mad at you,” he said. “Then they laugh and move out of the way.”

Throughout the weekend, Rhoades wears an eye-catching hat or headband. He also visits the one of the face painters adding to the costume.

“I look forward to this every year,” Rhoades said.

He has been volunteering for 17 years at the Decatur Celebration. The costumes began several years when he wore rabbit ears from one of the vendors. Someone from the zoo offered to paint his face.

“Some of the board members laughed, but I did it again the next day,” he said. “It went on from there.”

Other costumes he has worn include Mickey Mouse ears, colorful headbands, and now a unicorn.

Reactions have been mostly positive. He often sees children smile and wave. Others will ask for a picture.


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