DECATUR — Police investigating another spate of car window-smashing in Decatur involving BB guns have made three arrests. 

The latest damage occurred early Friday morning with several car windows, and at least one trailer home window, shot out in the Harrison Trailer Park, followed by more car windows damaged on Gulick Avenue.

The first damage reports were called in around 12:30 a.m. and a short time later patrol officer Stephanie Vail made a traffic stop in the area of West Marietta Street and North West Lawn Avenue.

“A search was conducted due to the odor of cannabis emanating from the vehicle, and a BB gun was located under the front passenger seat,” detective Sgt. Chris Copeland said Tuesday.

Questioning and investigation linked the car’s occupants — two 18-year-old men and a juvenile age 17 — to the trailer park BB window smashing and they were all booked on multiple preliminary counts of criminal damage. They are also facing preliminary charges related to cannabis possession; preliminary charges are subject to review by the state’s attorney.

Asked if the suspects could be linked to several previous car window-smashing incidents in the city, Copeland said:”We are looking into that,” but said he could not comment further.

Those previous incidents included 19 vehicles having their windows shot out the night of Oct. 30, following on from more than 20 vehicles having windows smashed by BBs the night of Aug. 25, leaving combined damage bills in the thousands of dollars.

One of the latest BB victims from Friday’s criminal damage was Kerena Davis. The trailer park resident, who works two jobs to support her family, was woken up by police who told her the driver’s side window on her car had been shot out. Even more disturbing, she said, was finding a window in her neighbor’s home had been shattered.

“We’ve got young kids here and this is dangerous,” she said. Davis, 28, was pleased to hear that arrests had been made that might put a stop to the damage. “It sounds like teenagers who don’t have nothing else better to do with their lives,” she added.


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