DECATUR — An advisory referendum concerning the existence of drive-through liquor stores could appear on ballots for Decatur Township residents in November.

The township board scheduled a public meeting at 6 p.m. Aug. 8 to discuss a petition submitted by resident David Daker. Those who attend the meeting must vote on whether to allow the referendum on the ballot.

The referendum would ask residents if they believe the city should “adopt a ban on the sale of alcohol through drive-up windows.”

Daker said he has been campaigning against drive-through liquor sales for a decade.

He has repeatedly called on Decatur City Council members to ban them and has had many letters on the subject published in the Herald & Review.

Daker said that if the referendum is placed on the ballot and is defeated, he will stop pushing for the ban.

Springfield attorney Sam Cahnman also appeared at the meeting, representing Daker.

In other business, township Assessor Tom Greanias was scheduled to report to the board about what funding or equipment he might need to better perform his duties. Instead, he said he would not verbally answer questions from the board.

He presented them with a one-page letter: “This demand from the board is only another example of the board’s attempt to micromanage the assessor’s office and is not within the scope of the law,” Greanias wrote. “For me to respond to this demand at this time will only continue to allow the board to dictate how the assessor’s office is run.”

The board has cut Greanias’ budget several times, which he says leaves him unable to do his job. Board members have taken issue with Greanias’ failure to complete the quadrennial assessment last year, when the township was forced to pay the county to complete the work.

The township board also agreed to consider changing its regular meeting time. The board meets at 8:30 a.m. every other Wednesday, a time that some opponents say is purposefully inconvenient for citizens.

After another resident complained, the board added a discussion on the topic to the agenda for its next meeting, set for July 25.

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if they are too drunk to get out of the vehicle and walk in the front door; they can just drive up to a window !

Brendon Small

sam cahnman. wow, just... wow.

Consider This

Decatur has a mayor who makes his living selling booze and a state representative that has had his share of DUI's....wonder how this is going to turn out?


"his share of DUI's"?--- ONE---When you're going to do the walk on water trick let me know. Ballot initiatives have a process. I believe it starts with a set number or more of signatures on a petition.


prematurely posted-.accident.

If the prescribed number of signatures was reached,(said he had a petition didn't say how many or number needed) and the proposed ordinance doesn't infringe on anyones (the business owner's) rights. There shouldn't be problem with it.

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