Macon County Sheriff Howard Buffett's private foundation will help deputies with take-home vehicles and rifles they can use on duty after approval by the county board.

Four other stories you should read are Mark Tupper's column about names, the search for a dog warms hearts in winter, Central A&M is part of virtual advanced placement program and Chicago's Kris Bryan signs record deal.

Buffett to fund deputies' take-home cars

Macon County sheriff's deputies could have their own take-home vehicles as early as May, thanks to a $3.1 million, 15-year program largely paid for by Sheriff Howard Buffett’s private foundation.

The foundation will also buy rifles for the deputies, who have been using their personal rifles on the job. The Macon County Board approved both measures Thursday.

Tupper: Stumbling along one name at at time

Over the years, it seems to have gotten more difficult to recognize, spell and pronounce names. As a longtime member of the print media, I used to not worry so much about pronunciations. Just get the spelling right, which is a challenge on its own.

But now, since dabbling in radio and a little television, pronunciation matters more than ever.

Search for dog warms hearts in winter

A dog in survival mode sees every human, even those trying to help, as a threat.

Especially when there are lots and lots of them.

That was the dilemma for people trying to catch a runaway Great Dane north of Decatur during one of the coldest winters on record: The longer the canine remained on the loose, the larger its social media following — and potential search party — grew.

Central A&M part of virtual AP program

Four Central A&M High School students are participating in a virtual Advanced Placement class this semester.

It's a state pilot program with 10 school districts that education officials will study to see if the program could make the college-level courses available to rural high schools that traditionally have had few or none in the past.

"Rural kids need opportunities, they need to be on an even playing field," said Bobbi Mattingly, Regional Office of Education superintendent for Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Moultrie and Shelby counties.

Kris Bryan signs $10.85M, one-year deal

Kris Bryant has agreed to a $10.85 million, one-year deal with the Chicago Cubs, a record for a player eligible for arbitration for the first time.

The previous mark was held by Ryan Howard, who was awarded $10 million by a three-person panel in 2008.


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