The owner of a Normal McDonald's said he fired an employee who verbally attacked an Illinois State Police trooper who was using the drive-through.

Four other stories you should see are the Macon County Spelling Bee, a Millikin Launch Weekend preview, Mark Tupper's column about Lori Kerans and a Decatur man gets 8 years in prison on attempted armed robbery plea.

Owner: McDonald's worker in Normal fired after verbal attack on state trooper

A McDonald’s restaurant employee in Normal who apparently used profanity when taking the order of an Illinois State Police officer in the drive-through lane was fired hours after the incident, the franchise owner said Tuesday.

Jack Millan said he became aware of the incident Monday afternoon and he and his son-in-law, co-owner, Mikel Petro, responded immediately.

The incident became a hot topic on social media late Monday after a Pontiac woman posted that her sister, an Illinois state trooper, went to the McDonald’s at 1607 N. Main St. in Normal about 11 a.m. Monday.

Mount Zion's Matthias Adams wins county spelling bee

As usual, the Macon County Spelling Bee was a nail-biter, with four final spellers battling it out for six rounds without a mistake until Abigail Garcia, an eighth-grader from Our Lady of Lourdes School, finally went out in round 19 on “muishond.”

A muishond is a small, carnivorous South African mammal in the mongoose family.

Sarvesh Arivarasu, a sixth-grader, went out in the next round on “lading,” leaving Matthias Adams and Maya Jyothinagaram, two eighth-graders, battling it out for first place.

Millikin's Launch Weekend births business ideas

While looking around for ideas for a startup business, Bryce Kapitzky had a realization: A lot of businesses have unfinished projects because they can't spare employees' time to finish them.

Kapitzky, a junior business management major at Millikin University, envisioned a pool of college students with the skills and time to work temporarily at such businesses to help them clear out backlogged work.

He was part of a group of students that pitched the idea for “BluePoint Connection” at Millikin's Launch Weekend in the fall semester. A second Launch Weekend is planned Feb. 16-18.

TUPPER: Touching lives is what Lori Kerans does

This job has allowed me to meet some amazing people.

Talented and devoted, brilliant and bedazzling, movers and shakers.

But in 44 years working at the Herald & Review I’ve not met a more genuine and decent person than Lori Kerans.

That’s the truth.

On that triple dip sundae of splendid folks, Lori has always been the cherry.

Attempted armed robbery plea nets 8-year term

A Decatur man whose victim was shot in the leg as they fought over the gun during an attempted robbery was sentenced to eight years in prison Tuesday.

Malcolm J. Mathews, 28, pleaded guilty in Macon County Circuit Court to a charge of attempted armed robbery dating to the morning of April 1, 2017, when he accosted the victim as he was leaving his home in the 1600 block of East Whitmer Street.

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