DECATUR — The race for the 13th Congressional District has grown so heated that it brought three high-ranking Republicans to Decatur on Wednesday to campaign for candidate Rodney Davis.

The chairman and vice chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas and Rep. Greg Walden of Oregon, respectively, joined Rep. Jeff Miller of Florida, who is chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, to express support for Davis. They appeared at Stripmasters where president Mark Scranton also spoke in favor of Davis.

Davis of Taylorville is locked in a tight race with Democrat David Gill of Bloomington. Both parties covet the seat, with outside groups having spent a $4.6 million trying to win over voters.

Independent John Hartman of Edwardsville has said he refuses to criticize either of the other candidates.

Sessions said the congressmen have traveled to roughly 47 districts in the past month, “selling the fight” and learning more about the Republican candidates.

“We’ve been in a lot of races where it really matters and where we think we have a good opportunity to win,” Walden said. “We don’t go to districts where we’re not going to win.”

Their comments largely focused on jobs. Davis has said he would extend the current tax rates permanently and repeal the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 to “create certainty” for businesses.

Gill has said he would extend the current tax rates for people making less than $250,000 annually. He also has spoken about creating tax incentives for people to bring jobs into the United States or stop sending them to other countries.

Hartman supports the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission plan, which would raise taxes and cut spending. Both Hartman and Davis said they would support a transportation bill.|421-6986

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