There’s been a lot written and said about how the Republicans should remake their party after the November elections.

I have one suggestion: fire Rush Limbaugh.

Actually, the GOP can’t fire Rush, but they should attempt to distance the party from the most popular radio talk show in the country. Many liberal commentators and pundits use Rush as an example of how “extreme” or “far right” the Republican party has become. That’s not necessarily true, but it happens. Conservative commentators do the same thing: portraying some ultraliberal columnist or commentator as if they speak for all liberals and the Democratic party. But the fact is there is no liberal commentator or columnist with the name recognition and emotional reaction that Limbaugh evokes.

Some folks are only too happy to tie the Republican Party and Limbaugh into one package.

But the GOP is also somewhat to blame. Many party members have aligned themselves with Limbaugh and his huge audience. There have been more than a few Republicans who have backed off of positions, primarily because Limbaugh was opposed. The conservative movement, and the Republican Party, has played up Limbaugh’s stardom. In some ways, they’ve allowed Limbaugh to become a spokesman for all things conservative and most things Republican.

That sort of strategy doesn’t work, mainly because the Republican party and Limbaugh have different agendas.

The party wants to get candidates elected. The party wants its candidates in the White House and to own majorities in both houses of Congress.

Limbaugh and the GOP share many of the same philosophies, but Limbaugh’s main focus is to attract, and keep, a huge radio audience. His goal every day is to air a show that’s interesting and will prevent listeners from turning the dial or tuning into satellite radio or switching to music on their iPod. That means Limbaugh has to be controversial, has to be interesting and sometimes has to be “out there.” You don’t attract the kind of audience Limbaugh does by discussing the finer details of national policy. Limbaugh doesn’t particularly care if he ticks off certain groups — as long as his core listeners continue to grow.

Limbaugh’s strategy is perfect for the radio talk show genre that he practically invented. Whether you agree with his views or not, Limbaugh is a master at what he does. But he also speaks to a relatively small segment of the United States. His audience, while larger than any other radio audience, does not have the breadth or depth that a major political party would need to win a presidential election. Limbaugh dominates a slice of the market and has turned it into a lucrative slice.

But that slice of the market won’t win an election by itself. There are many voters, Democrats and Republicans, who are turned off by the mention of Limbaugh’s name. There’s an even larger group that thinks he’s merely irrelevant in any serious discussion of national issues.

That’s why the Republican party, in addition to appealing to a wider spectrum of voters, needs to distance itself from Limbaugh. He’s a talented radio talk show host, and an entertaining guy. But he doesn’t help win elections.

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It's kind of late to distance yourself from Rush. Over the years the GOP party praised him, embraced him, and applauded him, almost daily. The last straw, so to speak, was him calling a college girl a profain name.
Like the typical GOPer, Rush and his loudmouth supporters missed the part where that young college student said she was talking about her room mate needing help with her insurnace company.
And like the good attack dogs the GOP base is, they went after that young student. Real smart, right after Santourm stood by the Pope and condemed birth control pills. Yep, real classy move by the GOP.
And all of the Independent women, if they didn't know it before hand, saw exactly what the GOP's policy is towards women. And look at the anti-women laws the red states have passed recently. All totaled up, putting any distance from Rush is not going to help the GOP. IT'S TOO LATE FOR THAT.
You people, the GOP, brought it on yourself. Change your tired old platform, change your failed old policies, and work for the average American, not the top 2%. As that is how the average American see's you supporting. Otherwise, enjoy LOSING more elections.


Sallyann stated "Change your tired old platform, change your failed old policies, and work for the average American, not the top 2%. As that is how the average American see's you supporting. Otherwise, enjoy LOSING more elections."

Words right from the DNC and pushed by the power abusing liberal main stream media. We all know the liberal media conspires to propagandizes for Obama and the Democrats. And ignore the GOP. Most of us remember the JournoLIST conspiracy by the corrupt liberal Obama media;

"Listserve that allowed some 400 liberal journalists, academics, and political activists to brainstorm and collaborate among themselves During the 2008 presidential campaign, Journolist members secretly colluded to discredit and ignore stories that had the potential to harm Barack Obama's bid for the White House. Founded in February 2007 by the Washington Post's liberal blogger/columnist Ezra Klein, Journolist was an online listserve consisting of some 400 self-described liberals mostly journalists, but also some professors and political activists. Journolist functioned essentially as a secret society of email communications, where members could compare sources, share information, discuss their thoughts on current events, and coordinate the way they reported on certain stories all off the record. Conservatives were barred from joining the group."


Limbaugh is just like any other personality on either TV or Radio. All he's there to do is get ratings, pure and simple. The way to get rid of him is to just not listen to the stations that carry him.
When it first started in the 80's, Dr. Laura, anf Rush were the two people that created Talk Radio. BBC News did a documentary about their popularity and drew a fictitious line from New York to Los Angels and drove cross country. They listened to radio stations at the time. The majority were listening to either Rush, or Dr. Laura.
As time went by, others like Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Ann Coulter replaced Rush as a mouthpiece for the Conservatives. Where are they at? So, bottom line is don't listen to their drivel and ask the stations to drop them.

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