Thanks to all who are supporting return to God

This is a letter of appreciation. We would love to thank everyone who made the event called Change a success.

This event was a success, first because the Lord and creator of heaven and Earth, the God of all flesh and everything that we see and don’t see, made it possible. The event was so very well-represented by our Decatur community.

We want to say thanks to all who made it so heartfelt and impacting. These are some of the individuals who were present: speakers, Rodrigus Wilson, pastor of Heart of Christ, and Napoleon Mond, New Vision Christian Church. These two churches and God’s Supply House are partnering together to do a lot of community events.

We want to thank our pastors from various churches, our sheriff and deputy, our city council member Pat McDaniel, WAND-TV, WCIA, Herald & Review, Macon County Health Department, which did prostate testing, and the Civic Center that enabled us to host the event.

Thank God for our singers and other speakers who helped out. Thanks again to all the members of churches and other important places who came to support this event, along with others who have done things in our community to bring change, are making a big difference. The Herald & Review and WAND-TV are two that made a big difference in getting the news out to the public.

God is calling all of us, from President Barack Obama to community leaders, church leaders, parents and children, to turn our lives, our homes, our community and the world back to serving and worshipping and, most of all, to fearing God.

Our next big town hall meeting will be 6 p.m. Feb. 20 in the Decatur Public Library. Everyone come. We need your input.

Apostle Roland C. Cook


Oil price changes don’t seem to make any sense

Why is it that when the price of crude goes up 50 cents, they raise the price of gasoline by 25 cents per gallon 15 minutes later. When the price goes down 50 cents a barrel, they lower the price by one or two cents a day over the next 10 days. As Emma used to say on “The Andy Griffith Show”: “bad oil people. Bad, bad oil people.”

Joe Tortorice


Don’t criticize teachers for collecting pension

As a teacher and to voice support for fellow teachers, I just want to say that teachers pay into their own pensions. It is money we have earned, and when we retire, we deserve to collect the money those funds.

I am writing this because the article that was in the paper about our 96th state representative, Sue Scherer, published the salary she is going to make and what she will make when she includes her teachers’ retirement.

Although I realize it is public information, I just don’t feel it is necessary to criticize her or any teacher on drawing a pension that they paid into and earned fair and square. I feel anyone who wants to run for legislature or teach should do it.

I don’t feel either of these professions is pursued because they are lucrative. I know I did not become a teacher for the money. I do not feel Scherer was a teacher or decided to run for state representative for the money.

Jill Hughes


Junk food should not be allowed on Link cards

Last night, I was at a local gas station waiting in line to pay for the gas I purchased. In front of me was a young lady who was obviously under the influence of something she had been smoking. How do I know? I could smell marijuana on her clothes, and her erratic behavior made it quite obvious.

She had four Giant Gulp cups of soft drinks, a large bag of Cheetos, a bag of some other type of chips, a jar of cheese dip and two or three other junk food items.

To pay for this, the young lady used her LINK card, also known as food stamps.

I have heard of this happening, but this was the first time I have witnessed it for myself. She had nothing of any nutritional value and used our hard-earned dollars to pay for it.

Now, I have nothing against those in need using the various state and federal services to help them get through hard times. In fact, I have been a recipient of state services myself. I am glad these assistance programs are available to the people who need them.

What does bother me, though, is the fact that I am subject to random drug testing by my employer. I have to question, and I am not the only one, why are those on the state dole not subject to the same rules?

I propose all people who receive state assistance, such as unemployment or a LINK card, be available for and given a drug test randomly at least twice a year.

Now, disqualifying most junk foods from eligibility on LINK cards is the subject of my next letter.

Michael C. McBride


How likely is volunteer law enforcement?

Friendly barkeep to a three-legged puppy entering the saloon: “How can I help you young pup?”

Three-legged puppy: “I’m lookin’ for the man who shot my paw.”

Did African tribesmen guarding the perimeter of their domain extend friendship to strangers approaching from a far but visible distance by waving an open hand while the other hand held a spear, both hands extended high into the air?

Is America today sufficiently positioning itself against potential rogue terrorist avengers/defenders who might successfully infiltrate American territory?

As some plainclothed American law enforcement personnel carry concealed weapons when on and off duty, in a similar way could various levels of government in America legally deputize qualified, nonuniformed, unpaid volunteers and issue them 24/7 conceal and carry permits? Could all successful applicants be required to undergo certain firearm usage and other training, as well as pass periodic drug, psychological testing and other reviews?

Initially, might these auxiliary domestic law enforcement agents be only specifically trained and authorized in the just use of deadly weaponry? Might anyone capable of rational thought be less likely to commit terrorism/murder if they did not know how many plainclothed people anywhere were so equipped? Overall, would individuals incapable of rational thought be less successful in their attempts to engage in unjust deadly violence if such a deterrent were in place?

Like America’s all-volunteer military, could an all-volunteer branch of domestic law enforcement be well-regulated with maximum opportunity for such public service extended to all adult citizens passing muster?

Is much of the foreseeable world like a larger version of the theater in which Abraham Lincoln was shot, and most people capable of becoming more like Honest Abe or his assassin?

David Johnson


Learning to read early and well is important

In recent weeks, I have read articles in several newspapers about the upcoming school board election. I ran for the school board twice previously and feel qualified to write about it.

The one point I believe is of the utmost importance is the ability of grades one through eight to know how to read at an adequate or exceptional level. I read a lot and take after my father in that respect. Also, my mother read a lot of magazines. My dad took me to the library at least once every two weeks in the summer when he would check out books and encourage me to do the same. In the winter time, I depended on the teachers and/or the librarian to help me choose books that would improve my reading.

Parents and teachers, I believe, should be the examples and help support excellent reading habits. Summer reading programs are a must for every child to become an above-average reader.

I now write poetry and have written short stories for teenagers and children.

One of the concerns I have is that children learn and be taught to read early in life. I believe this will carry over to their adulthood and make excellent readers of them all.

David Ross Baker


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