If donating clothing, do it in Decatur

I guess Goodwill’s idea of “building” a store in Mount Zion was to park a semitruck and collect clothing to transport to Springfield. With Decatur having one of the highest unemployment rates in Illinois, it would be nice if people could drive an extra few miles to one of Decatur’s many thrift shops and help clothe the people in Decatur.

Charity begins at home!

Kay Petrucha


Unemployment, not debt biggest U.S. problem

The editors at the Herald-Review in their Oct. 20 article, “Drop the posturing, get to solutions,” claim that the national debt is a serious problem.

The net interest payments on the debt are 1 percent of gross domestic product. That’s as low as they’ve been in the past 60 years. This is what matters, not such meaningless numbers as $16.7 trillion, which are thrown around to scare people and distract them from the real problems.

We still have 21 million Americans who cannot find full-time work. The top 1 percent has gotten 95 percent of the income gains since 2009. Real income of most Americans has stagnated or fallen during the past 30 years, and we now have 46 million Americans living below the poverty line. These are some of the real problems.

The editors claimed that printing money to pay for the debt undermines the national economy.

The Federal Reserve has created more than $3 trillion since 2008, and this has not caused any problems with inflation, which is running at just 1.5 percent annually.

The editors claimed that the sequester worked.

An Internet search for “The Sequester is President Obama’s Fault” by economist Dean Baker will refute this claim.

The editors claimed we need to make cuts to entitlements, including Social Security and Medicare.

Social Security isn’t responsible for our budget deficits. For years, its surpluses have been used to fund everything else the government does.

Medicare is enormously efficient. Its administrative costs are far lower than commercial health insurance.

According to economists Robert Reich, Dean Baker, James Galbraith, Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz, if we had single-payer, Medicare for all, we’d be looking at budget surpluses for years to come.

Ron Adams


Support organ donation to help those in need

Today I am making an appeal: Be a donor of organs to those desperately in need. This is something most of us put far out of our minds. And at the time of the death of a loved one, we survivors have many emotions filling our minds so as not to think of something like organ donation.

Still it is such a worthwhile cause, allowing someone to live on account of my death. This is something that can be accomplished when renewing one’s driver’s license. In addition, talk to your family indicating that upon death use whatever can be salvaged to help someone else. I know of a young man in a Chicago hospital (whose loved ones are in Decatur) who is dying of kidney failure while waiting for a transplant.

What an honorable thing to help someone such as this! I believe in life from conception to death and even beyond. If we could each save one life, what a treasure it would be.

Lorraine Howard


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