When I stand to the national anthem, I am proud to be an American citizen blessed to be born in the land of the brave.

To remember the price the American soldiers gave their lives for; freedom isn't free without a sacrifice.

The national anthem about the United States of America has always united the American people to be proud of the nation of God that was birthed in 1776.

Not to stand up for and respect the national anthem is racism.

Dividing the United States of America is the New World Order plan of socialism, fascism and communism. If the people who don't want to stand up for the national anthem where they have made millions of American dollars from, then they need to leave the country.

The national anthem: love it or leave the country.

Go to China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Cuba will take you to prison and make a slave of you for their ungodly agenda.

Remember, united we stand up for the national anthem and divided we fall if we don't stand up for the National Anthem.

Being Christian American citizens is the greatest blessing and being born in the United States of America is a blessing from the God of Israel and Jesus the Savior Messiah from the world.

George Culley, Pinckneyville


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