I am writing about the proposed beltway coming through the Farm Progress Show site, which would be devastating to the Farm Progress Show and our local economy here in Decatur.

I can't believe our elected officials would even consider losing a huge amount of income over the beltway, which would cost more money than what they would get in return if they just would re-route the highway. But knowing how this town is run and their thinking, they don't seem to miss the money until it's gone or they make a very unwise decision and then wonder how they are going to make up the finical shortfall this decision would create.

They already have citizens of this town moving out and taxed to death. Making another disastrous decision would have a huge impact on Decatur, as agriculture plays a huge role in our economy.

Lose this Farm Progress Show, you can go ahead and turn out the lights with such a devastating blow as that. I hope our leaders would come to another solution to this. Or basically they could just send the money to Boone, Iowa, which would land the farm show every year, rather than every other year.

I hope the make the smart move and make this citizen say he's glad to live in Decatur again.

Robbie Walker, Decatur


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