Can someone explain to me how Chipotle on the corner of U.S. 51 and Ash Ave. will bring in volumes of new tax money?

When people choose to go to a restaurant, they go for one breakfast, lunch, or dinner each day. Decatur has nine restaurants near U.S. 51 and Ash Ave. in addition to many, many more within a mile or two of this intersection.

People will go to Chipotle, I am sure, but this also means that they are not going to one of Decatur’s other restaurants. The tax revenue generated by Chipotle will be tax revenue not generated by other restaurants. It won’t be new tax revenue, just the same tax revenue generated by one business that is not being generated by another.

I have nothing against Chipotle; however, I am concerned about locating it on this already congested intersection on the mistaken premise that Decatur will be getting new tax revenue.

Susan Easton, Decatur


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