I thought Congressman Rodney Davis’s vote to strip healthcare from 23 million Americans was low, but his vote on the House tax bill was in the cellar. The bill is a gift to wealthy contributors, but it’s a kick in the pants for teachers, students, disaster victims and the sick.

Davis eagerly voted for this horrendous legislation, even though it did not receive a single hearing and was rushed to the House floor before the Congressional Budget Office could fully score it. The bill, which repeals the estate tax, is a bonus to heirs and heiresses. It also repeals the Alternative Minimum Tax, which is another nod to fat cats with pricey lawyers to help them find loopholes to avoid paying even a modest share of taxes.

This legislation will hurt Illinoisans, who will no longer be able to deduct state and local taxes. It will hurt our universities and college students by ending deductions that benefit student borrowers and graduate students, preventing working class kids from going to college. It will also hurt our kids and grandkids by leaving them to pay the $1.4 trillion debt from these tax cuts for the rich.

Rubber stamp Rodney, how low will you go? People of District 13, hide the shovels.

June Leyerle, Champaign