Macon County Jail file photo

Officers leave the Macon County Jail on their way to federal court in Urbana with a prisoner in this December 2016 file photo. 

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On Howard Buffet paying $236,000 for an evaluation of Macon County Jail:

LaKeitha Johnson He's just raining millions down on Decatur all of a sudden Just have to say why now. Don't get me wrong the community & economy needs it but hope there's no ulterior motive behind it.

Chris Peters If you have no experience, you pay for experience, right? Sounds like he really needs help. $59,000 per consultant? Of course, county board will never reject his temporary appointment.

Brad Saul Complain, complain, complain!!! I'm sure that will help fix all the problems

Jeremy Pieper Pay to play if you ask me. I think it's good for the help. Let's think about the conflicts first though

Reaction to our photo of people skating in Fairview Park in 1980:

Beverly Osborne Sweet memories of going with my little brother, Bill, around 1964 and having a fun time with him. He was a teenager then. So thankful for that memory. Bill was killed in a car accident in 1970.

Jane Randolph Dyer I skated there in the early 60's . Before this was built we skated on Dreamland lake in Fairview Park- Fun time to hang out with friends!

Mark Waterkotte I could never ice skate but remember hanging out there. I'm in az now sorry to hear its not there anymore!

Mary Ann Lowe-Flynn We woukd skate there all the time. Alot of great memories. Skating with the really long stocking caps and having hot chocolate by the fire

Kimberly Stogner This was much better than skating at the Civic Center. It definitely should be opened again!!


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