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On Millikin football players kneeling for the national anthem:

Wayne Allen Seems to me the players are totally missing the point of standing for the National Anthem? I can see this as an alumni issue. Let's see how they see this disrespect of the National Anthem and our Nations Flag.

Melanie Hines-Phillips I'm sure their reason for kneeling has nothing to do with those who have lost their lives fighting for this country. My dad is a Veteran that fought for this country also, and he 100% supports those who kneel. Its their right and he said it doesn't affect him in any way.

Lisa Hensley How many of you armchair quarterbacks stand at home for the anthem? And you all aren't even doing it for any reason except that no one is watching your public display....smh

Eric Watkins This veteran is fine with taking a knee.

Cindy L. DuPont Seems to me some people are missing the point This is not about the flag and this is not about the national anthem, it's about all of the Injustice is going on today.

It's a peaceful protest for equality and justice for all.

Anna Boehme Reynolds This is why Millikan has lost funding from some alumni. We went last season and stood with Connor. It's the last time we'll ever go to a Millikin game. Wonder if the players kneeling are on scholarships.

Barbara Ann Jones Peoples This is ridiculous they should be standing and the president should enforce it

L.a. Boyer-Dooley If they want to kneel, then let them fight for our country and kneel when their praying to God to keep them safe and again when their thanking God for letting them live!

Lisa Boyer Kellogg disrespecting the American flag seems to be a FAD among those that dont understand the soldiers that fought for this country so we have the freedom we do. Disrespect of the flag there is no excuse no exercising of rights its the AMERICAN flag PERIOD

Judy Dawdy Mullins What a let down so embarrassing

Diane Andrick Separate issues. Kneeling is their 1st amendment right. I wish we lived in a country where everyone felt proud to stand. Unfortunately our country has a very mixed record on race. I may not agree with their choice, but will defend their right to free speech. There's a reason the founding fathers listed it first.

Carol Myers Not the place for it

Richard Irvin that's the end of my support for millikin

Karen Santmyer For anyone who chooses to kneel, lock arms or peacefully protest - that is absolutely their right. However, to do these things and not "put your boots on the ground" to help solve whatever you are protesting, comes out hollow. There are so many opportunities out there to teach those who believe they are victims how to be victors. I would hope that this college and others like it will encourage and facilitate such programs - because support without action is also hollow.

Dan Hawk Embarrassing, keep protesting while others are working to make the changes. Lazy

Patty Rykhus I don't see how doing something negative fixes something negative


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