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On the celebration of the retirement of Gail Evans after 52 years:

Brooke L. Brandon-Brady: Gail is a class act & is truly adored. I am honored to have worked at DMCOC under her direction. Think so highly of her!

On our editorial condemning gerrymandering:

Jack Blythe: I think y'all need to worry about the gerrymandering in Downstate before we "Get the infection" out of Illinois. Sounds like an extermination doesn't it? We have Republican gerrymandering all over the Central Illinois area, but they aren't complaining about that, just about Chicago.

Bob Boyle: nothing like allowing the politicians to choose their voters to ensure almost certain victory....correction allowing Madigan the power to choose voters for said specific politicians....

Dan Richardson: Just like the year that the legislative district including Decatur went clear up to the quad-cities!! That really made a lot of sense too! NOT

Travis Allen Carnes: Look at what has been done in the federal level guaranteeing the Republican control of the house since what 2010 or So? Serpentine districts and what not. Should be illegal.


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