The guest columns printed on July 16 and July 23 by Robert Mooth and Rudy Reed were indicative of a deep and troubling divide in our country. One claimed that the left is hateful and the other claiming that it’s justified hate considering the hateful acts of the president.

I think we can all agree that in our present state, American politics promotes candidates who will do or say whatever is necessary to win elections. Had Donald Trump supported liberal issues, the press and the media would have gladly overlooked his many flaws.

Let’s be honest with one another. The real issues are not Donald’s undisciplined statements or Hillary’s disregard for laws. The real issues that infuriate us are the core issues of the opposing party.

The left demands socialism, scientism, license to live impulsively and without religious influence. The right wants a business-friendly country governed by conservative constitutional law, religious morality, respecting personal property.

These two ideals are in a life-and-death struggle for control of the world. Can we ever return to a unity of purpose and direction? Is it politics or is there a powerful spiritual force that divides us?

Among Jesus’ disciples were a tax collector and a zealot. Normally a zealot would have killed any man who collected taxes for Rome. But Christ demanded that they love one another as he loved them, enough to die for them.

Because of love for Jesus, the two factions embraced one another and eventually died for Jesus, not politics.

If our pride or impulse is greater than love for our disagreeable brother, we are doomed as a nation. But if we accept the truth of Christ and come to depend on him, love is a welcome bi-product and international game changer.

Al Rennert, Lovington 


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