I have watched Gov. Rauner’s political commercial on WAND-TV three times now and finally had to speak up. I am having a hard time watching political cronies laugh and degrade our home state of Illinois.

I read in the paper that the governor went to Asia this summer to promote business in Illinois. During that visit was he promoting Illinois or Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin?

His commercial is a classic example of “don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see."

If you do a little research, Wisconsin’s (total) taxes are on par with Illinois. This is still true after Illinois’ recent tax hike. On top of that, the governor of Wisconsin practically bankrupted the University of Wisconsin with funding cuts. Then he had to go back a couple of years later and add funding after it was obvious the cuts were critically disabling the university. (Sound familiar?)

A little research also shows that Indiana is not so great either. There are 92 counties in Indiana and every one of them has a county income tax in addition to the state income tax. Indiana touts its low state income tax but fails to mention its county income taxes.

According to Forbes, Illinois’ average household yearly income is $4,900 to $10,100 higher than these three states. The three governors forgot to mention that in the commercial.

I don’t agree with everything the legislature in Springfield does, but it’s time for Gov. Rauner to start working to help get things done and quit running our state down.

Jim Wiley, Mount Zion


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