The shooting at Mattoon High School last week was the fourth school shooting in this country since Sept. 1. That's an average of about one K-12 school shooting per week. 

Our children should not have to live in fear of being shot in the school cafeteria or classroom. Teachers and school staff should not have to serve the role of law enforcement.

A line from the Mattoon school district’s official press release after the shooting stands out in light of legislation Congress is going to vote on in the next few weeks. The school district writes, “The school resource officers and school officials headed to the cafeteria where they heard shots fired.”

What if they hadn’t heard those shots? How many more children may have been shot? W

ithout any regard for public safety, the gun industry is currently pushing a radical bill in Congress, the SHARE Act, that would make it easier for just about anybody to obtain silencers. What happens when those silencers are used in crimes?

This bill puts public safety and law enforcement at risk, ensuring that mass shootings will be silent and deadly. Call your representative today and urge them to remove the gun silencer provision from the SHARE Act. So far my representative in Congress, Rodney Davis, has voted 100 percent of the time with the National Rifle Association and against Illinois families. He accepted their endorsement and their money. Our representatives need to stand up to the gun lobby so our teachers, parents, and children don’t need to live in fear.

Elly Hanauer, Champaign


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