We have work to do. 

There is an opportunity for us to put a chink into the choke hold that Chicago Democrats have on Illinois. 

This guy, J.B. Pritzker, seems to be buying his way toward the Democratic nomination for governor and we just can't let that happen. 

J.B. is a 100 percent gold plated phony who sleeps with Michael Madigan and the Chicago machine it's interesting that neither Pat Quinn or our criminal former governor Blagojevich chose not to appoint J.B. to any post despite his pitiful begging. 

J.B's television ads employ many paid actors who spread his false claims 10 times a day. He would have us believe that he was instrumental in providing free lunches for 200,000 school kids. How does this happen when he never has held a political position? He is also spreading baloney about he will fix roads and bridges in a state billions in debt? Tax increase?

Pritzker also was not very good as a member of our military. I have a friend who served with J.B. in the Army. My friend said Pritzker was repeatedly passed over for promotion until he hooked up with some powerful politicians. 

Have you noticed Dick Durbin standing by J.B. in his videos? Durbin ceased to be a people's senator years ago. Seems bad to be endorsed by Boss Hogg in a $1,000 suit. 

We can beat this billion dollar campaign with all Republicans asking for a Democratic primary ballot and then voting for some other candidate. Democrats who really care about Illinois should vote for another candidate as well. 

We cannot get to Madigan except by voting against his chosen few. 

Bob Long, Mount Zion


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