On the council vote to allow the building at Ash and 51, you notice they (council) said there were not any tax incentives for them to allow the strip mall to be built, but they didn't say what all they did give them and the rest of us will have to cover the cost for it.

You can bet that the city manager had a lot to do with the council voting to approve the strip mall and we voters should remember this when it comes time to vote for a new mayor, as well as new council members, as these have and will continue to show they don't care what the citizens want, just what they want.

For the city saying they did a study on traffic in the area not being bad, I think the picture of the front page says something completely different and that is without this new building. To show them how much we disapprove of their decision, don't spend your money at any of the businesses in the mall, especially Chipotle.

But especially remember to vote against Wolfe, Gregory, Horn, Kuhle and Ray as a know I definitely won't and didn't. No wonder so many people are moving out of this state and county. Too much corruption and too much government doing what they want, not what citizens want.

G. Fyke, Decatur


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