First, we the tax-paying and concerned citizens of Decatur would like to thank city councilman Bill Faber for voicing concerns regarding the closing of Scovill Golf Course, although he isn't directly involved with the Decatur Park District.

For many, the other two courses do not serve the needs of ladies, seniors, juniors, older veterans and other beginner type golfers. How will this decision serve the recreational needs of these citizens?

Those who play only Red Tail and Hickory Point courses and not concerned about Scovill closing, you need to think about those who will be directly affected. You will be vying for tee times and dealing with slow play.

We understand the golf business as a whole has been on the decline for years and that the district feels it has to close one of the three courses to meet its financial needs. Then why weren't the taxpayers given the opportunity to vote on which course to close?

The Park District also needs to consider the frequent flooding of Hickory. Comments have been made that after closing Scovill, cart paths would be considered at Hickory. What about the cost? The opinion of several is this would be very expensive and cost more than maintaining Scovill.

One would hope the Park District would investigate offers from golf course management firms before destroying the course in a fashion exercised at the old Nelson course.

Linda Yarbrough, Decatur


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