I've noticed that the Republicans are real big on respecting state's rights, unless it comes into conflict with something the Republicans believe in, whether or not they have facts to back up their beliefs.

A case in point is the legalization of marijuana, something Jeff Sessions, the former shill for the tobacco lobby and now our attorney general, seems to believe will cause a huge upsurge in the crime rate. Therefore, in spite of the clear wishes of the voters in many states, the federal government must override their votes and reinstate the failed “war on drugs.” Maybe he even plans to bring back the movie “Reefer Madness.”

As part of this effort, he is pushing for more use of the constitutionally suspect practice of civil forfeiture, seizing property on the suspicion that it was used or is the profit of criminal activity, and making the owner prove the innocence of the property. I notice he is pushing this for activities far away from his home base, and ignoring an excellent opportunity to set an example close at hand.

Willfully omitting an asset on one’s federal financial disclosure form comes with the risk of criminal action. Jared Kushner keeps having to go back and amend his disclosure forms because he “forgot” various assets, like a $5 million art collection. He only seems to remember these assets when investigators appear to be getting close to uncovering them.

Why doesn't the attorney general show the law applies to everyone and perform a civil forfeiture action on the president's son-in-law? Can it be that the law only applies to lesser mortals, not the family of the president or members of his administration? 

Thomas Steinhart, Decatur


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