Rezoning: So far so good? I think not, considering many traffic concerns.

Look at how close to U.S. 51 the Ash Ave. entrance to the proposed development will be. Famished folks turning west onto Ash Ave. from U.S. 51 to flock to this new restaurant and the mystery retail shops that will someday set up shop will have an almost immediate left turn to make.

This will be interesting since the eastbound traffic on Ash Ave. is already steady, so hungry customers may have a long wait to turn left into the new development. People driving westbound on Ash Ave. from Sam's and Walmart in search of someplace to satisfy their appetites (because nine restaurants in that area are obviously insufficient) will also have quite a wait because only about six to eight cars can pass across U.S. 51 at each light change on a normal day.

Good luck to those who have had their fill and are trying to exit the proposed Chipotle onto Ash Ave. with all the eastbound cars in addition to those westbound folks waiting to make that left turn to the development.

There is a proposed exit on Oak St. to accommodate those going south on U.S. 51, but those wanting to go north on U.S. 51 must make their way back to Ash Ave. and the traffic problems there.

Finally, most people I know (and I know many people who love to eat) only have one lunch and one dinner each day. If diners choose to eat at the proposed Chipotle, they are choosing not to eat at other Decatur establishments, such as Solsa, El Rodeo, and La Fondita, to name a few.

I cannot understand how some feel this will bring in large sums of new tax money. Rezoning: So far, so bad.

Marilyn Dawson, Decatur


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