I keep seeing letters and comments about how we should stop attacking President Trump and let him fulfill his promises before we judge him. Let's see how he's doing with some of his promises.

He promised to release his tax returns if he ran for office. Then he claimed (falsely) that being audited prevented them from being released, then that no one was interested in them. News flash, Mr. President, you made a promise, failing to follow through makes you a liar.

Trump claimed that he (not Congress) had a replacement for the Affordable Care Act that would cover everybody and be a lot less expensive for the consumers and the government. So what happened to your great plan, Mr. President? Didn't you tell anyone in Congress about it?

Trump said he knew more about ISIS than the generals, and knew a foolproof way to defeat them quickly and effectively. Apparently, this way was to ask the generals to come up with a plan.

Trump promised the LGBT community that he would protect them and fight for them. His Justice Department now says sexual orientation is not protected under civil rights legislation. And, of course, his ban on transgenders serving in the military (after he supposedly consulted with generals, officers who apparently are unaware that he consulted with them), claiming the current policy disrupts operations. Funny, doesn't have that impact in the armed forces of the 18 countries that allow it.

By the way, I wonder what the people and groups applauding Trump for “stopping social experimentation” in the armed forces would have said 70 years ago, when Truman ended segregation in the armed forces.

Let him complete his promises? He doesn't seem capable of doing that. In fact, his promises seem to indicate he will do the opposite. 

Thomas Steinhart, Decatur


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