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On the Decatur police focusing on seat belt violations Nov. 17-27:

Emily Grinestaff They need to target the cell phone violators ! Everyday I see several talking or reading text messages So dangerous. Just Pull over in a safe place and text

John Hadley Drive without a seatbelt you put one life in danger. Drive without headlights in the rain and you endanger everyone you see. Ever see a roadblock for no headlights?

Shawne Wempen It’s no one’s business but mine if I choose to not wear my seatbelt! I’m not hurting others. It should be my personal choice. American is no longer the land of the free. If it’s my time to go no seatbelt will save me.

Jamie Princko It's a good thing there aren't bigger issues in Decatur to deal with besides dangerous citizens sitting without seat belts in the cars they paid for under the insurance they paid for. #menacetosociety

On the 'No last laugh' headline on the story about Maroa-Forsyth's state championship football game:

Brenda Crum Baker The headline was very inappropriate! Those kids worked hard to get to play a championship game. Felt like a slap in the face for those kids!

Mike Mandrell Rooting for a favorite team carries many emotions. Being on the wrong side of the championship result heightens those emotions. IMO this headline did not pique any negative reaction, I still root for the Trojans and think their achievement is awesome.

Nichole Fox The article is well written. The title could have been different. Perhaps more considerate of the children they are mocking.

Denna Williams Headline was wrong. I’m not from Maroa but these are young kids who have achieved great things. Seniors have been to the state championship game three times. Just common courtesy would be nice

Rich Beiler Always looking for something to complain about.

Kari Ellis Headline was poor. Why not in a world we live in today, a compliment on the year they had. Depends where you are located in this area.

On how the recent trend to e-commerce is having an impact on local sales tax:

Tesean Bond Since I KNOW this is leading up to the next local tax push, let me just say: the mom and pop shops were hurting long before e-commerce became a huge thing. So if the city of Decatur wants to pass a local internet sales tax to "level the playing field", then by that logic they should also pass an additional sales tax on big box retailers like Walmart, Target, and Kroger....because they are the ones who destroyed small businesses.

Matt Kuzel Decatur sales tax is 9.25%. For Decatur business that sell state & nationwide, we are 2% higher than competitors just because of our sales tax rate. Yet another reason for businesses to relocate outside Decatur limits or Macon county, or Illinois...

On our posting of the top Mount Zion school district employees (the Herald & Review also publishes other salaries paid by taxes, including Decatur public schools, as well as the city of Decatur and Macon County):

Greg Sullivan It’s called transparency in government.

Michael Horn I wish they would show the bottom 50 so people can see how little young teachers make.

Beth Ferry McClure What’s the point of posting this? These are all tax paying citizens who work in a very difficult field. Did you know Illinois is the hardest state in the union to become a certified teacher?

Marsha Jannusch Fleming It’s very concerning to me that several posters have criticized the publication of this information. Uninformed taxpayers/citizens/voters are dangerous.

Amanda Burger I think it's a good idea to educate the public on this.. all public/government agencies should honor all policies that uphold accountability and transparency to the citizens who fund those positions

Ronnette Daugherty Coffman Databases exist for Illinois state employees and Federal employees too.

Lisa Ritterskamp As long as ALL government/tax funded salaries are being publicly posted, it’s fair. It may raise some interesting conversations.


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