Discussion on the latest proposed development at U.S. 51 and W. Ash Ave. from the Herald & Review Facebook page. To join the discussion, see facebook.com/heraldandreview. We'll publish selected unedited comments from the page here.  

Debbie Finke I'm not sure why the residents would object, the traffic is already heavy at that location. We need more businesses and I believe this is an excellent location, Decatur is slowly dying, this is much needed!!

Courtney Dick It's gonna be empty store fronts. If it was an actual restaurant We would know who it was. All we need are more empty store fronts. Like the Pines, Northgate, whatever is going up where the Maverick used to be. Let them walk away.

Teri Dorrell There are so many other places to put new businesses. Don’t build into a neighborhood.

A.j. Henderson Why don't these concerned neighbor pool there money together and buy that lot and just mow it if they're so concerned about what goes there

Dana Agee Wagner Looks great, but what about good paying jobs with benefits first? If we could get some of those, these restaurants would follow

Susan Jane Craine Long We have such FANTASTIC indies in town, why in the world would anyone want any more chains than we already have?!?!!!

Ben Manley The developers want traffic because they think that means business and people spending money. Trouble is the area is too busy already and many avoid the area for that reason. During the holidays it is really and area to avoid. As some have said why not use the old Northgate plaza and I just don't understand why nobody wants to use that. Maybe the owner wants too much for it or something like that. Plenty of land on the south end of town but they don't seem to want to spend any money growing that area

H Jason Robinson Location location location

Travis Allen Carnes I live in said neighborhood and I want to see the empty lot filled with something.

Nik Duffle I think it's important to look at all angles here. 1) The reality is that Decatur is shrinking. Regardless of the location, it is a well known fact that Decatur needs more "attractive" businesses to help sustain growth. 2) Decatur has a large and saturated housing market and removing a few homes would help (although, only incrementally) relieve that problem. 3) With low construction costs and low real estate prices, it will be just as inexpensive to build new property and remove houses rather than renovate a dilapidated building that the company will have to lease from a landlord rather than own. 4) No one wants to see homes being taken away or torn down, especially quality homes. 5) Try to be objective when looking at the project. Try to think about how it will affect the community, the neighborhood, the business climate, the community retention rate, the retail availability, the job growth, etc... There are tough choices to be made and not everyone will be happy with the decision.

Lisa Hensley If everyone stopped flocking to Walmart to shop, developers would stop jockeying for the best position they can get in relationship to the local Walmart...just sayin'....


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