ORLANDO, Fla. - Even Magic Johnson knows what should be done. 

"If the Jaguars are going to only score two points," Johnson tweeted Sunday, "they might as well call Tim Tebow!"

It's pretty sad when an NBA legend who now owns a Major League Baseball team in Los Angeles knows more about running an NFL franchise in Jacksonville than those who are actually running the NFL franchise in Jacksonville.

You see, Magic gets it and always has. First and foremost, he's always believed sports should be fun and entertaining. In contrast, the Jaguars, for the last decade, have put a product out on the field that has been mundane and unwatchable. And, yet, they steadfastly refuse to throw a bone - a Te-bone - to those dwindling few of us who still watch their games either in the stadium or on TV.

Will somebody explain to me again why the Jaguars won't give Timmy a chance?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

And, believe me, after watching the dismal Jaguars get blown out 28-2 by the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, it's already clear to me after one week of the NFL season that the Jaguars have nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Here's all you need to know about Jaguars starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert: It wasn't until the fourth quarter that the Jags offense progressed past midfield. I'm not saying Gabbert is a coach-killer, but he's been Jacksonville's starter for three years, and the Jaguars are on their third head coach.


And will somebody also explain to me why subpar quarterbacks such as Gabbert and Josh Freeman and Brandon Weeden and Christian Ponder get opportunity after opportunity, year after year, to mature and develop, but one of the greatest winners in college-football history has been cast out of the NFL?

Look it up. Never in history has there been a first-round draft pick like Tebow who has been given less of a chance to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. As far as I can tell, there's never been a QB drafted in the first round who compiled a winning record (8-4) and took his team to the playoffs in his only year as a starter and never again started another NFL game.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Tim Tebow will ever be a great NFL quarterback, but my point with the Jaguars has always been this: What's the worst that could happen if they signed Tebow? That fans might actually want to buy a ticket or click on the TV and watch them?

Seriously, are the Jags worried that Tebow would make them a punch line? They're already a punch line.

Are they worried that Tebow would become a sideshow? I've said it before, and I'll say it again: A sideshow is better than no show at all.

Isn't one season of being interesting better than the last decade of being irrelevant? Why do the hapless Jaguars continually refuse to do what any logical-thinking person knows they should do: give the keys to this jalopy to the city's most famous and favorite son? What is the downside of signing a hometown hero and making your franchise at least temporarily compelling?

The Jaguars are already miserable. So what if they continue their misery under Tebow? Then they get the No. 1 pick and draft Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater. Good for them.

At least Tebow, even if he fails, would make this season bearable. Let's face it, nobody wants to watch the Jaguars right now, but if they sign Tebow and play him, then everybody will watch them.

And, who knows, maybe, just maybe, Tebow would be able to work his magic with the Jaguars. Maybe he would do what he's done every place he's ever been: win. He won state championships in high school, national championships in college and even took the sad-sack Denver Broncos to the playoffs in his only year as a starter in the NFL.

Give me one logical reason why the NFL's most moribund franchise wouldn't want a perennially winning quarterback who would sell tickets, move merchandise and make everybody in the country want to turn on Jaguars games?

I'm going to keep shouting it from the mountaintop until somebody in Jacksonville listens.


When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.


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I LOVE this author....every word is absolute truth. Tim Tebow is the WINNINGEST QUARTERBACK you could ask for! And Florida is his HOME STATE! Check Wikipedia for Tim Tebow and GASP at the records he holds INCLUDING having the highest post season completion average in the NFL against the Steelers when he was with Denver. Remember how they made him take scripture John 3:16 out of his eyeblack? The Tim Tebow rule? So he goes against the number one Steeler defense in the 1st round of 2011 playoffs as Denver QB and throws for 316 yards for 10 completions and 31.6 yards per, RUSHES for 3.16 yards per carry, Nielson ratings of 31.6 share at the peak and time of possession 31.06 minutes...John 3:16..think MAYBE the Lord has his hand on Tebow? DUH! Jacksonville should hire the boy TONIGHT at 5 mil a season and START him two weeks from now. If they do, they'll go to the playoffs THIS year and win Super Bowl next year. SUCH is the power of faith and a true man of God at the helm. Denver was 1 and 4 when Tebow went in...he posted an 8 and 4 record and creamed the Steelers with an 80 yard overtime throw in the playoffs. Think he can't do the same at Jacksonville with the Lord backing him? Tim brings out the BEST in all around him..he is THE leader...an NFL Moses or Joshua. HIRE HIM, Jaguars...WHAT ON EARTH HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?????? Russ Reimer, Divide Colorado, reimergalleries@sbcglobal.net


God has a plan for Tebow , he showed it when the Bronco fans believed. So the first team that truly believes will be Blessed. But they must believe.and the magic will happen. This story us spot on the Jags should grab him .


Jaguars are too stubborn to bring him on, Jacksonville does not deserve to have him .They dissed him when they had the right opportunity to get him and even now when they obviously could use him, they will not step up and take him.

Jacksonville has seen what the man can do when given the opportunity yet, they sit there and listen to the critics and take side with them. My question is, how is it possible for so many so called sport critics fail to acknowledge, how other successful quarter backs have done in their first year at being a starter for their teams in comparison to Tebow? How do they not realize that Tebow was not only more successful than many but, while coming in and taking over the starters job at Denver after a 1-4 start, he made games exciting and helped the team get to a first round playoff win over the a power house like the Steelers.

There is one added factor people fail to realize, there are many who believe in him and that is something that can be felt during games. It is almost like an electromagnetic force that affects the object of focus.

Some quarter backs are given several years to show their stuff before they pull them. Sam Bradford was a first round pick, still plays for the Rams and has not taken his team to the play offs. Elway won only one or two games his first year and Peyton Manning won three games.

Oh well, in due time we will see how it all ends.


The President of JAGS Mark L. spoke to our Rotary Club following their 28-2 loss. Said it would not be "fair to Tim to bring him in just to fill seats". What a crock !! JAGS only score 2 points, YET still won't give Tim a shot. Says the other NFL teams also recognize the "issues" with bringing Tim onboard. Mark was honest, said when JAGS were formed, they started out at the top with Tony Boselli, Mark Brunell & Fred Taylor, but quickly dropped to a mediocre team. He could not give a good reason not to try Tim, yet the JAGS organizations minds are closed to the possibility. Sooo Sad !!


Stupiiiiiii jag

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