Details for Estate of Dimple Mae Walker, Claim Notice, 2021 P 35

101145 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SIXTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT MACON COUNTY -- IN PROBATE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF DIMPLE MAE WALKER, Deceased. NO. 2021 P 35 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION - CLAIMS Notice is given of the death of DIMPLE MAE WALKER. Letters of office were issued on February 4, 2021 to PATSY E. JONES as Executor whose address is 19 Green Oak Court, Decatur, Illinois 62526 whose attorney is ANDREW R. WEATHERFORD, 412 S. Franklin Street, Decatur, Illinois 62523-1388. Claims against the estate may be filed in the office of the Circuit Clerk of the Court at 253 E. Wood Street, Decatur, Illinois 62523, or with the representative, or both, on or before August 23, 2021, as to any creditor notified by publication of this notice, or, on or before three (3) months from the date of mailing or delivery of this Notice to a creditor, whichever is later. Any claim not filed on or before that date is barred. Copies of a claim filed with the Circuit Clerk must be mailed or delivered to the representative and to the attorney within ten (10) days after it is filed. Dated: February 15, 2021. PATSY E. JONES, Executor of the ESTATE OF DIMPLE MAE WALKER, Deceased. JOHNSON, CHILIGIRIS & WEATHERFORD 412 S. Franklin Street Decatur, Illinois 62523-1388 Telephone: 217-422-2280



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