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co-op is an
owned, operated,
and financed by its owners.
Green Top Grocery is
owned by those who
purchase shares (providing
equity for the store).
Ownership is open to all,
and anyone can shop at
the co-op regardless of
whether they are an owner
or not. In many ways, a
co-op grocery store is just
like any other grocery store
– it carries the range of
products and offers many
services found in a typical
grocery store.

Today co-ops around the
world, including ours, are
guided by seven principles.
These principles help us
remember who we are,
what we are trying to do,
and how we’ve agreed to
do it:
Voluntary and Open
Membership; Democratic
Member Control; Member

Economic Participation;
Autonomy and
Independence; Education,
Training, and Information;
Cooperation among
Cooperatives; Concern for
To support a robust and
sustainable local economy,
Green Top Grocery
prioritizes products
from local farmers and
producers. We define local
as within 100 miles of
our store. We also give
preference to products that
Certified organic;
Produced using traditional
or natural practices;
Suitable for people with
health concerns, allergies
or special diets; Fairly
traded and using other
socially responsible
sourcing; Humanely
produced; Free of artificial
colors, flavors, sweeteners
and preservatives;

sustainable; Minimally
packaged; Minimally
processed; Produced by
cooperatives; Requested
by shoppers; Accessibly
priced; Meets community
needs, such as WIC
We want to help
community members
make their own choices
about which products
are good for their health,
their community and their
Visit Green Top Grocery
today and discover your
Local Co-Op to make your
own best food choices.

At The Foundry
921 E. Washington St., Bloomington
(309) 306-1523


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