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Good News for Americans,
Bad News for Pain Drugs
Millions are expected to benet from a new technology
that could relieve years of severe joint discomfort;
reprograms the body to block slow burning
inammation instead of creating it
By Casey Law
Health News Correspondent
NATION − Several of
the major drug companies
behind popular pain relievers
may take a nancial hit as
manufacturing of a new pill
is now complete.
Using a new technology,
the pill could be safer and
more effective than many
store bought brands.
The pill, VeraFlex, was
developed in May of this
year by a private company
in Seattle.
as an immune modulator,
the pill targets the body’s
immune system which can
decrease pain in the body.

The Science
Behind Relief
Research shows that the
joint stiffness, soreness
and discomfort associated
with arthritis is caused by
inammation which attacks healthy cartilage and
protective tissue.
And according to leading
medical scientists, this
inammation is caused by
two inammatory enzymes
released by the body’s immune system.
Remarkably, the active
ingredients in VeraFlex
help to block the production of both these
enzymes, resulting in a
dramatic decreasing in
and discomfort.
Right now, the leading
over-the-counter pills are
only able to block one of
these enzymes!
It’s why so many sufferers fail to ever nd relief.
Years of Discomfort
Relieved in 5 Days
“VeraFlex users can
generally expect more exibility in three days...their
joint pain alleviated in ve
days...and in just seven
days, a tremendous improvement in overall joint
function that may help
them move like they did
years prior” explains Dr.
Liza Leal, developer and
spokesperson for VeraFlex.
“It’s an incredibly powerful little pill. And with the
addition of a patented absorption enhancer, it packs
an even greater punch.
That’s why I’m so excited
to be the rst to share these
results. It’s giving sufferers
their life back.”
A Safer, More
Effective Avenue
to Amazing Relief
Its widely accepted
through the medical community that inammatory
enzymes are the primary
cause of pain and suffering
in millions of Americans.
It’s why most prescriptions
and even nonprescription
pills are designed to block
However, what most
people don’t know is that
even the most advanced
ones can’t block both!
And yet, that’s exactly
what VeraFlex is designed
to do and why it works so
“Top pharma companies
have struggled to create a
drug that blocks COX and
LOX; the medical names
for the two inammatory
enzymes in the body.
Consider the top seller

Veraflex producers are making these new pills as fast as
possible to meet the growing and increasing demand.
Celebrex, it only blocks
one variation of the COX
enzyme” explains Leal.
“And that’s because
they have focused on
using chemicals instead
of natural substances like
“Every VeraFlex capsule
contains an ultra-high dose
of a patented plant extract
which has been clinically
shown to block both enzymes, bringing relief to
every joint that hurts!
“The kind of relief most
people have never experienced. I often say two
enzymes, twice the relief.
People think I’m kidding
until they try it.”

Piling on the
Clinical Research
Remarkably, the key
ingredient in VeraFlex is
protected by 8 patents that
spread from the US into
Canada. And as would
one guess, it’s backed by
an enormous amount of
research, including two
patient clinical trials.
In the rst, 60 participants
with rheumatoid arthritis
and/or osteoarthritis were
randomly placed into four
Two groups were given
the patented ingredient in
VeraFlex, one was given
the drug Celecoxib, and the
last group a placebo. The
results were monitored at
30, 60, and 90 days.
The data collected by
researchers was stunning.
The groups taking the
VeraFlex ingredient saw
staggering improvements
in arthritis symptoms such
as exibility, discomfort
and function.
And even more astonishing they experienced a dramatic reduction in pain by
the 30-day mark that was
even better than Celecoxib,
a powerful drug!
A second study was conducted to ensure the data
was accurate and again the
results participants experienced taking the VeraFlex
compound blew away
This time it beat out
Shockingly, both men and
women experienced a
reduction in joint stiffness
two days faster than when
using Naproxen.
“I have to admit I was
surprised when I read the
initial ndings” explains
Leal. “But when you look
at the science it just makes
sense. It’s going to change
Faster Delivery,
Maximum Absorption
VeraFlex is mainly comprised of two patented
ingredients: Univestin, a

powerful immune modulator which blocks the
enzymes which cause your
joints to hurt and BiAloe,
an absorption enhancer
(accelerator) that ensures
maximum potency.
Research shows that severe joint discomfort arises
when the immune system
goes haywire and releases
COX and LOX into your
blood stream, two enzymes
that causes tremendous
swelling and inammation
around cartilage and protective tissue.
Over time, this inammation overwhelms the joint
and it begins to deteriorate
resulting in a daily battle
with chronic pain.
Unfortunately, modern
day pain pills are only able
block only one of these
enzymes, resulting in marginal relief and continued
The Univestin in VeraFlex
is one of the only known
substances which has
been proven successful in
blocking both enzymes,
resulting in phenomenal
relief from the worst kinds
of discomfort.
The addition of BiAloe,
a unique aloe vera extra,
maximizes the delivery of
the plant based Univestin
extract to every joint in
the body because it is
proven to improve nutrient
absorption for maximum
Aloe Vera also is proven
to support the body’s immune system which manages inammation, further
supporting relief.

How to Claim a Free
3-Month Supply Of
This is the ofcial nationwide release of VeraFlex in
Illinois. And so, the company is offering our readers
up to 3 FREE bottles with
their order.
This special give-away
is available for the next
48-hours only. All you
have to do is call toll free
1-800-665-4905 and provide the operator with the
Free Bottle Approval Code:
VF350. The company will
do the rest.
VeraFlex’s recent media exposure, and Dr. Leal’s latest book deal, phone lines
are often busy. If you call
and do not immediately get
through, please be patient
and call back. Those who
miss the 48-hour deadline
may lose out on this free
bottle offer.



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