Details for Sensible Hearing LLC - Ad from 2021-06-05

f o T f i G e Th G n i r a e h I’m So Thankful For My Hearing Aids “It seems everyone is a bit skeptical about wearing hearing aids. When you have them you realize what was missed! Conversations with grandkids, their whispers of ‘I love you!’, talking with friends and families and not having to say ‘Excuse me”?, I now have Bionic hearing! Raindrops, the ringing of a refrigerator door, the purrs of my cat! All because I never realized I couldn’t hear as well as I thought. Never thought they would be so comfortable. The service solely focused on my benefit and made me feel comfortable with something new. I love to brag about the process and how seamless and easy it was to get them. Having the Bluetooth is so convenient that it automatically syncs with my iPad. A big added benefit is nobody even knows I am wearing them!” Steve Zarndt “Since having my hearing aid, I have been able to hear better in my dance classes and academic classes at college, and it has made the biggest difference to have the opportunity to hear everything the way everyone else does! The service I received went above and beyond my expectations, because they were super friendly, welcoming, and understanding, which made the process of transitioning to a hearing aid, at my age, so much easier! I would recommend Sensible Hearing to anyone, especially younger adults and children, in need of hearing assistance, because it has made my life so much easier!” Lexi Davis $1,000 OFF Set of Premium Hearing Device Technology including Artificial Intelligence, Bluetooth, as well as Cutting Edge Programmability, Noise Management and Feedback Control We value both your HEALTH and HEARING. To keep you safe, we’re now offering curbside hearing aid cleanings, sales, and “I really love my hearing aids. Stephanie is great at what she does and service at your home or our office. Our in office appointments now I can actually hear what people say and can join in the conversation. are spaced apart with thorough disinfecting in between... I would recommend Sensible Hearing to all who have trouble hearing. All for your Safety and convenience She takes care of you even after your purchase. Her service is personal.” ‘I’m so thankful for my hearing aids. Having to ask someone to repeat what they said, not only one, but two or three times, was very embarrassing. Hearing aids help so much. I love them and would not want to be without them. -Judy Wilkerson “I am thankful for having my hearing aids because it’s pleasant now for my wife and I to have our morning coffee without “what did you say” being part of the conversation. Its also great understanding and enjoying TV at 1/2 the volume as before.” -Jim Wilkerson “Primrose is blessed to have the Sensible Hearing team available to our residents for all their hearing aid needs! Primrose residents look forward to and love their visits with Rochelle. We appreciate their responsiveness, expertise, kindness, flexibility, and genuine care and concern that they show our residents. Every resident is left with a smile on their face and for that we couldn’t be more thankful! Thank you for caring for and loving our residents!” Primrose Retirement Entry Level Digital Programmable Hearing Devices ONLY $750 235 S. Main St., Decatur, IL 62523 Stephanie Holder Hearing Aid Specialist, HIS# 2962 217-330-9794

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