Details for HOWARD G BUFFETT FOUNDATION - Ad from 2019-11-11

SHERIFF ANTONIO D. BROWN - U.S. ARmY We salute our veterans VOLUNTEERS Ottis Livingston—U.S. Army FORENSICS LEAD Ed German—U.S. Army COURT SECURITY Paul Dudra—U.S. Navy CSO Alan Engdale—U.S. Army CSO Earl Hendricks—U.S. Air Force CSO Troy Tate—U.S. Army CSO Robert Whitten—USMC Kenneth Ervin—U.S. Navy James Stalker—U.S. Navy JAIL CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY Meghan Morey—U.S. Army/ National Guard CORRECTIONS C.O. Jeff Acup—U.S. Navy C.O. George Gregurich—U.S. Army C.O. Tom Mounce—U.S. Navy C.O. Mike Patton—U.S. Navy C.O. Clinton Smith—USMC C.O. Gerald L. Smith II—USMC C.O. Rachel Minor—USMC/ Nat’l Guard C.O. Toby Walter—U.S. Army C.O. David Williams—USMC C.O. Josh Wilson—Nat’l Guard C.O. Matt Wilson—U.S. Army C.O. Gunnar Edwards—U.S. Army C.O. Sharif K Morgan—USMC DEPUTIES Lt. Jim Root—USMC Sgt. Scott Flannery—U.S. Army Sgt. Dale Pope—U.S. Army Dep. Shane Cole—U.S. Army Dep. Joe Herbert—U.S. Army Dep. Jessie Owens—U.S. Army Dep. James Turner—U.S. Air Force/ U.S. Army Dep. Chad Wayne—U.S. Army Dep. Matthew Helfer—U.S. Army WE THANK ALL OF OUR VETERANS FOR THEIR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY. This ad is printed at no government expense.

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