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Join our diverse, talented and dedicated team!

To apply or for more information, go to or
Assistant Steam Distribution Operator
Brickmason Foreperson
Building Heat/Frost Insulator
Carpenter Sub-Foreperson & Foreperson
Cement Finisher
Cement Finisher Foreperson
Construction Laborer
Construction Laborer Sub-Foreperson
Construction Laborer Foreperson
Crafts & Trades General Foreperson
Electrician Sub-Foreperson & Foreperson
Elevator Mechanic & Foreperson
Furniture Restoration Supervisor
Furniture Restorer
Ironworker & Foreperson
Instrument Technician
Laborer-Electrician & Foreperson
Locksmith Foreperson
Machinist & Machinist Sub-Foreperson
Mill Worker & Foreperson
Operating Engineer
Operating Engineer Foreperson
Operative Crane Engineer
Painter Sub-Foreperson
Pipeļ¬tter/Refrigeration Mechanic
Pipefitter Sub-Foreperson & Foreperson
Plumber Sub-Foreperson & Foreperson
Roofer & Foreperson
Sheet Metal Worker
Sheet Metal Sub-Foreperson
Steam and Power Plant III
Steam Distribution Operator
Steam Distribution Sub-Foreperson
Supervisor of Building Craftsperson
Temperature Control Mechanic
Temperature Control Sub-Foreperson
Temperature Control Foreperson
Tool & Instrument Mechanic
Water Station Operator
Water Station Foreperson

Minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

For more information, call (217) 333-2137