BATES, Mario and Litisa

BELMAN, Jason and Chelsay

COLBERT, Joel and Alicia

CORY, Phillip and Debra

COX, David and Lori

CUNNINGHAM, Philip Robert and Patty

DAY, Zachary and Alicia

GREEN, Bruce and Treva

HENDERSON, Edward and Patricia

HICKS, Christopher and Debra

HOFFMAN, Alex and Amanda

HOLT, William Francis and Jennifer

JOHNSON, Glenn and Simona

LONGBONS, Michael and Twanya

MAYES, Jesse and Jade

MCINTYRE, Chad and Brandee

MCLAUGHLIN, Brad and Tiffany

MENTZER, Joshua and Megan

MITCHELL, Nicholas and Rhonda

NGUYEN, Phuc and Tammy 

PENDER, Freddie and Regina

PIERCE, Justin and Susan

PRATT, Charles and Rebecca

SAYLES, Kenyata and Patricia

TAGUE, Richard and Crystal

TAYLOR, Adrian and Nikkitha

TRUSNER, Dustin and Halee

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