I have been reading about the newly enacted Decatur water restrictions. As I see them I cannot use two to three gallons of water to wash my car one a week in my drive. But on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I can water my lawn for 24 hours if I want to, using untold thousands of gallons of our precious lake water.

This just doesn’t seem right that people are being allowed to be very vain about using our lake water just to have a green lawn.

I also see where golf courses can get written permission from the city to water their courses. I have found from experience that a golf ball hits just as well from brown fairways as green ones. And they putt just as well on brown greens also.

Just before I sat down write this letter I checked the water level on the dock under my boat. As I see it I have about 10 to 14 days left before I will have to remove my boat from the lake. It’s way too early to have to take this drastic step to keep it from being marooned all winter. What is more important right now? An adequate water supply, for lake users, drinking water, industrial use, BASS Masters Tournament, to name a few or letting people waste water on their lawns?

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The time is now to put your foot down and preserve the water we have and its proper usage rather than watering lawns and golf courses. Tighten the restrictions now or pay the piper later.

Dan Sebok


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