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Just recently reported is state senator Andy Manar accused Gov Rauner of leaking false information about school funding under proposed bill SB 1 to the Kankakee Times.

Manar said at a press conference; “We’re here for a simple reason this morning, It has come to our attention that information that we first saw yesterday in discussions with the governor’s office and the Senate Republicans that false and erroneous drafts of school funding numbers somehow made their way out of the Rauner administration office into the hands of a Bruce Rauner campaign group and are being used for political purposes.”

But the reality is The Kankakee Times' figures were derived from an analysis of Manar's formula changes performed by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE). The information has available on ISBE’s web site since last summer. A spokesperson for the governor said in a press release, “One cannot leak something that is on a public web site. Their false and outrageous accusations have been disproven, and they should apologize for manufacturing blatantly false accusations.” To the best of my knowledge the governor and senate republicans are still waiting for an apology.

Now I see Senator Andy Manar is at it again. He is the chief sponsor of proposed bill SB1933. There is no need for this “auto voter registration” bill. Why spend more money to implement an unnecessary mandate? It’s already easy to register to vote.

It's pathetic how Illinois state government has created so much apathy among Illinois citizens that many feel it’s a total waste of time to register or vote, why bother when the Democrat-controlled tax-and-overspend state government is corrupt; so much so state government is compelled to intimidate citizens to auto-register to vote. You want a driver’s license, then register to vote. 

Roger German, Decatur

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