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The budget deal is not a loss for Governor Rauner, it’s another win for the political mafia led by “Don” Michael Madigan.

Madigan and his machine have angled all along for short-term fixes that solidify his power but cause long-term and irreparable harm to the citizens. We are again stuck with tax increases without spending reforms.

Governor Rauner is a critical thinker. Illinois needs that in our government. We need representation with the best interests of citizens and businesses in mind.

We must not support Sue Scherer, Andy Manar and Bill Mitchell in their bids for re-election. They played right into Madigan’s machine. They sold us out with a 32 percent income tax increase, without freezing our already exorbitant property taxes, without enacting spending reforms.

Where is the plan to reduce Illinois’ $15 billion plus past debt? Businesses, jobs and people who need them will continue to move out of state unless Big Government is brought under control.

Madigan and his democratic machine did the citizens of Illinois no favors. His fellow democrats in the legislature are afraid to go against him because of his power base. This man needs to go. It is long past time. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done with the cronyism he has built into his network over the past 30 years. Plus, he funnels tons of money into his local district, while the rest of us collect crumbs.

The Madigan short-term fixes Illinois has gained under his regime have mounted up over the years into trillions and trillions of overspending and debt.

The time for change is way past due.

No, this is not a loss for Governor Rauner, but another Madigan win adding to Illinois’ woes unless he and those who have allowed themselves to be intimidated by his machine are voted out of office come 2018.

Jan Hooten, Decatur


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