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After reading the Herald-Review's editorial criticizing Governor Rauner for taking his balanced budget and reform message straight to the voters, I felt obligated to respond.

The editorial stated the governor chose to do a "PR blitz" rather than "working with Democratic  lawmakers to find common ground." I respectfully disagree. The governor sought to bypass the Springfield-Chicago talking heads and speak directly, one-on-one, with hard-working Illinois families, workers and small business owners about his agenda to turn our state around.

It certainly is not clear that Governor Rauner chose to schedule his tour while the General Assembly adjourned for a two-week vacation. To suggest he has ceased contact with legislators because of his tour is disingenuous and does a disservice to voters. I would wager that the governor not only fields phone calls, but meets one-on-one with legislators of both parties regardless of whether or not the General Assembly is in session.

Negotiations over a "grand bargain" budget deal are ongoing and very real. In fact, the Governor has often spoken highly of the Senate's efforts and believes that Senate Democrats truly want a balanced budget with reforms to fix Illinois' broken system, but he believes that the deal must be good for tax-

payers, and it is not in its current form.

The elephant in the room is longtime Speaker Michael Madigan and his House Democrat caucus. Recently through a spokesman, the speaker made it clear that he opposes the Senate's efforts at achieving a balanced budget with reforms. How absurd. Madigan is clearly the problem in Springfield.

How about an editorial criticizing Speaker Madigan for his obstructionism? Truly one that is long overdue.

Dorothy J. Wallace, Decatur

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