Getting excited about garbage

The city's new garbage plan is starting in just two weeks. On Tuesday, City Manager Ryan McCrady outlined the basics of the plan, which I reported on back when it was first approved by the Decatur City Council.

In short, the plan scales everybody to once-per-week garbage pickup, but allows you to opt into a plan that would pick up the same volume of trash that you may currently get picked up with the twice-per-week rate.  If you want to throw out only half as much, you pay less money.

The other major addition is the new recycling program, and before it's even begun, it looks like more people are interested in it: 8,500 households, nearly a third of all residential customers, have already signed up, McCrady said.

Those who don't alert their haulers to the level of service they want will be defaulted to a plan that covers whatever volume of trash and yard waste pickup they currently have, it'll just be picked up only once per week and there will be a $1 monthly charge for unlimited yard waste (as opposed to no charge for 6 weeks in the fall and 6 weeks in the spring only).

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The penultimate price just got promoted

Illinois has joined the fraternity of states that have ended the death penalty.

The ultimate punishment has its proponents and its detractors.  Republicans are already scrambling to put people to death again, but I don't understand why.  All of the reporting that surrounded then-Gov. George Ryan's moratorium in 2000 suggests the system was broken, spending millions every year and all too frequently making hideous errors.  Families of those killed in grisly murders should have justice, but what Gov. Pat Quinn and many lawmakers have decided is that justice shouldn't come with the risk that an innocent person pays the price.

Making ends meet

If you must goof off with an Internet game today, try one that educates you.

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